You have a product or service that’s important and valuable, and that could change your customers’ lives, but how do you capture them, rather than put them to sleep?

Hpugere are 3 ways you can keep the drool off of your conference table:

Animated Video

Animated video is a great way to convey a complex message into a quick, easily digestible concept that your customers and/or employees will eat up!  It’s a non-threatening, unintimidating medium that says to your customer, “It’s just that easy!”, while still educating and demonstrating your important message, with motion.  The best part about it is, it can reflect your brand, culture and values without you and your staff enrolling into acting classes.

“An intellectual says a simple thing  in a hard way. An artist says a hard  thing in a simple way.”
—Charles Bukowski

HOW? We take your big idea and really get nerdy with it, getting to know it like the back of our hands, to create a simple, yet informative message that will resonate with your customers.  Next, we explore a spot-on art direction and develop a comprehensive storyboard to tell your story.  Lastly, we add motion, music and voice talent, to create your engaging presentation.

An animated video has endless marketing possibilities, perfect for your website, social media and blog.


Not ready to give up on your dreams of Hollywood stardom just yet?  We understand.  You might give infographics a spin (right after we get your autograph).

Infographics are basically illustrated bulletpoints that add interest with graphics or photographs.  It’s a static way to tell your story that isn’t routine or sleep-inducing.

HOW? The process is very similar to a video.  We get just as nerdy and dive into your message, and just as creative with the art direction, but there’s no need for motion, music, and voice talent.  It’s also printable but a small enough file size to email, so that you won’t compromise your customers’ inbox. (Yeah, we think of that kind of stuff too.)

Animated Video + Infographics

Did we just totally blow your mind?  We thought so.

This approach is a strategic way to create a sort of campaign out of your message.  We take both of these mediums to really hit it home, by first, creating an infographic that serves as a hook, and then animating it to give your customer the one-two punch!

HOW? Think of the infographic like a teaser that intrigues your audience and leaves them wanting more.  Then, we deliver the animated video that goes more in depth, that looks and feels like the infographic but utilizes engaging video.  Smart!

Don’t let your important message fall on sleeping ears!  Be engaging and memorable! Let’s get nerdy together and create something your customers (and conference table) will really appreciate. 

We are working on a new project this week and wanted to give you guys a sneak peek from behind the scenes.  In the next month or so, we’ll be able to announce more about this exciting project and show you the finished result!.


In March, Periscope was purchased by Twitter for $100 Million and relaunched. Currently, the Periscope app is available for iPhone and Android. You may have heard of it already but have you tried it yourself? It can be a terrific tool for personal and business use – check out a few tips on how Periscope can benefit your life.


What is Periscope?  A live video stream of whatever you want.

How can I use Periscope for personal gain?  It can go anywhere with you!  One great example that I’ve experienced happened in the beginning of June when my wife and I were unable to attend our niece’s 8th grade graduation in California.  Thanks to Periscope, my brother-in-law provided two separate live feeds: one live feed for when our niece’s name was called and one live feed for when she delivered her impeccable speech.

How can I use Periscope for business?  Just like personal use, you can take it anywhere you have a connection.  Periscope gives smart phone owners an opportunity to be their own reporter and send live information into the world.  You can interview your CEO, talk about what you’re working on, or tease behind the scenes footage.

What else is cool about Periscope?  It’s interactive!  Viewers can jump on from around the world and start sending text based feedback.  They can help interview you or contribute to your live stream.

Who should I follow?  Southwest Airlines is doing it very well right now – giving behind the scenes looks at company operations that you normally would never see.

Have you tried Periscope?  How do you like it?


Social Media is all about, well, being social! But if you’re not careful, you can scare people away.


Here are some scary social media practices that you should STOP doing if you want to keep and grow your social media presence.

Attack of the Clones! (Linking from Facebook to Twitter)

You don’t use Twitter, but you’re a pro at Facebook. So you think that the best thing to do is to use that little function that allows all of your Facebook posts to go to Twitter.

Not only is this not a good idea, but it’s a good way to stunt your growth on Twitter. The people who follow you on Twitter are looking for quick content. They WANT 140 characters or less, so give it to them.

Plus, if you’re posting the exact same things that you post on Facebook on Twitter…what reason does anyone have to follow you on Twitter? Just something to think about.

Informal Activity (Getting TOO Personal)

If you have a social media account for your brand or business, that is a place for your brand or your business. It is not the place for the following…

  • Rants about people you hate
  • Your political views (unless you are currently running for office)
  • Your bowel movements
  • Rants about people you hate (seriously, this is a common mistake)

For your social media you want to be personable NOT too personal. You can always create a separate personal account to share your opinions of other people, but remember that it can always trace back to your business.

SCREAM! SCREAM 2! SCREAM 3! (Posting TOO Much Content)

When it comes to posting on social media you want to spread your content out. Posting too much content at once is a sure way to make no one engages with your content.

Much like meals in a day, you want to spread out your content. Don’t shove content down their throat. Give your audience time to actually interact with your content; digest it.

Night of the Boring Posts (Writing Boring Content)

The biggest culprit of scary social media is boring content. You may think that you’re following wants to know what your business hours are, but what they really want is for you to be a resource.

If people follow you on social media, they want to be engaged socially. A good test to see if you are posting boring content is to ask yourself, “If this post wasn’t about my business, would I like it? And if not why?”

Nothing is more boring than you just talking about yourself all the time. Be social. Reach out and have a conversation with your audience. It’s sure to bring life back into your audience engagement.

If you’re doing one or more of these things on social media don’t worry, it’s not too late. If you make these changes, you’ll turn your social media pages into welcoming homes and not haunted houses.

-Ricky Anderson II


Agencies face monsters on almost a daily basis.  It’s easy to prescribe to the thinking that agency life is easy and laid back (because hey, that’s what we tell everyone, right?).  The truth is that we’re running a business just like anyone else and we’re responsible for creating our customers marketing initiatives, campaigns, collateral, sites, and more.  As such, there are a lot of scary things out there that we watch out for.

The Disappearing Act

Remember the guy who came and knocked on your door and when you went to answer it, no one was there?

Hello???  Who’s out there?


In our industry, we can’t afford to have unresponsive vendors.  It can mean delays on the print line, passed deadlines and missed opportunities.  An unresponsive vendor can leave you dead in the water and you now have one less client.  We keep a close network of partners around who pickup our calls and respond to our emails because they’re not willing to lose a customer … and they love making us look good.  We like vendors who care about us!

The Know-it-All (a.k.a. Scream’s Randy Meeks)

Some of you are saying, who’s that?  Great question, because I had to look up the name myself.  He is Jamie Kennedy’s character from Scream.  You know, the one who knew everything there was to know about horror movies?


Remember now?  Randy knew everything about horror movie rules and was adamant about it.  He survived round one (Scream 1), but ended up at the wrong end of ghostface’s knife in Scream 2.  Nobody likes a know-it-all, especially ghostface.  Agencies can struggle with know-it-all clients who have survived and that the survival has granted them super knowledge powers.  While agencies should never fault a client for knowing a ton of information, clients should be prepared to trust the creativity and commitment of their agency.  If the client “knows too much”, it can create a situation that shuts down creativity and client opportunities.  So both sides of the partnership should always be open to hearing feedback from their partner.

The Running Upstairs Colleague

I think we all have to have a little chuckle in horror movies where the victim is running upstairs when the front door is right in front of them.  They have every chance of making the right decision to run out of the house instead of inevitably trapping themselves in an upstairs room situation.

Sometimes, you’re going to have colleagues that just make the wrong decision all the time.  During the creative process, you try to keep yourself away from using the word “no”, but this person threatens that part of the creative process because they forget the goals and keep running down the wrong hallway.


Agencies have a lot of fun, but more than fun, we’re dedicated and committed to the success of our clients.  Our goal is to reach creative solutions for our clients that otherwise would not have come to fruition so that we are keeping their customers on their toes and always wanting more.

– Anchor Team

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