On September 11, 2001, our country fell under an unexpected terrorist attack.  It was one of the darkest days our generation has ever seen and a day that will live in history forever.  We lost family members, good friends, acquaintances, and strangers.  No matter where you were, from New York to California, whether or not you knew someone in the towers, at the pentagon or on a plane, you could feel the pain of an entire nation.

America got knocked down.   Briefly.

It was a catastrophic attack.  We saw the smoke, we witnessed the planes, we called those close to us…we were scared.  I’m sure you remember where you were when it happened and it’s unlikely that you’ll ever forget; we all have our stories.  My story involves my father being on a plane that was leaving for Washington DC that morning.  Early reports were pointing towards DC as the target and no one in my family could get ahold of my dad.  Cell phone signals were tied up because so many people were trying to reach their loved ones at the same time.  It wasn’t until hours after the attack that I was able to connect with my mom who assured me that his plane had been grounded prior to take off.  I remember thanking God for his safety that day.

So why, years later, do we keep reviewing the tapes?
One reason is that we let our curiosity get the best of us.

What could we have done differently?  How could we have prevented this?
Whether we know it or not, we’re studying.  The CIA/FBI/ETC study the scenario in attempts to take extra measures for the safety of our citizens.  You and I study and think about what we would have done in those moments on the plane.  We study the tears and smoke, and we study the resilience of a nation.

There is a lot that we have and can learn about this tragedy.  

First of all, it’s important to take as many precautions and you know to take in your personal and business life.  Maybe you’re going through something right now; in a relationship, in your passion, in your education or in any other struggle.  When you engage with others, make the effort to protect yourself.  Use past experiences of others and yourself for improvements.

Look towards the future.  What elements can impact your success?  How can you control those elements or have a “plan B” prepared?

We can often be impacted by the decisions of others.  Sometimes things seem like they are going well but then you are blind-sided.  It’s important to always be on your feet and be ready to act so that you’re not caught off guard in any situation.

But if you do get knocked down, don’t stay down.

Just like the United States of America did following the attacks of September 11, you have to dust yourself off and rebuild.  Sometimes getting knocked down is just the beginning of something great.  If you’ve been knocked down, turn it into something better than you had before.  Today, New York is rebuilding to be better, safer, and bigger than it was before.  You can too, you just have to be able to see through the smoke.

Get back up.  Determine what you could have done differently.

Do it better.


If you’re anything like me, then being prepared doesn’t come easily to you. Every morning when I leave for work, I grab my bag and get in the car. I never check to see if I brought what I needed because, I don’t think about it until I get to work. Almost like magic, everything I need is there. That magic, is being prepared.

I know myself and the zombie-like state I am in during the morning, so every night I put everything in my bag that I’ll need in the morning. When it comes to work I do the same kind of preparation.

Being prepared, means laying the groundwork to do the work your future self needs to do, not the work your future self has to do. It’s like a personal assist you give yourself to make a slam-dunk! *SPORTS*

When you prepare you’re allowing yourself to work openly and creatively. You get to actually take the time you need to produce something amazing and timely.

I’ve talked before about how planning is your BFF when it comes to producing a video and the same applies when you prepare for the future. Except in this case, when you are prepared, you become your own best friend.

-Ricky Anderson II


Think it’s too early to start your marketing plans for the holidays and the new year?  Think again!  Why is September the time to take a good, long look into your business goals?  We’ll give you a few reasons: holiday parties, Christmas pageants, gift shopping and your in-laws in town!

Here are some things to get started on right away:

  • Increase holiday sales by making sure your product or service is easily accessible by a mobile device.  Customers are buying on-the-go.  Have a concrete plan to make sure that your customers can buy quickly and easily.  Make sure your website is responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Launching a new product or service in 2015?  Now is the time to build a comprehensive campaign to let your customers know that you’re unveiling something exciting in the New Year.  Whether it’s a landing page, microsite, mobile app or advertising for your “exciting new thing”, planning and development takes time, and you can take advantage of that now!
  • Impress your loyal customers with something special!  Maybe you want to make sure your customers know how much you appreciate their business with a special, creative gift.  To create an awesome concept, start now with a creative team (hint, hint) that will really blow their socks off!

Use this uninterrupted time to get a jump on things.  Your future self will thank you!

“It’s really clear that the most precious resource we have is time.” Steve Jobs

Until Next Time, Stay Anchored.

– Team Anchor



A great video can speak volumes to your market and so can a bad one.  We have so much fun when we’re filming and editing videos for our clients that we know can help give them a big boost.  Most recently, we just finished post production on a short (60 second) video for our client, Purselley Pool & Spa.  It’s a quick look at their core services and what some of their existing customers have to say about them.  They have an excellent reputation in DFW, so finding customers to talk about them was a breeze.

This testimonial style video is becoming more of a staple for use on company’s websites and/or YouTube pages that adds credibility to the company behind the marketing.  Testimonial videos help companies display their brand message in a visually compelling way and offer potential customers insight into core philosophies and values.

These videos can help you get a leg up on your competition, but only if they’re planned and executed well.  A poorly made video can do the opposite and give customers the wrong impression of what your brand can do for them.  But they can be funny to watch!  If you’ve seen any poorly made videos recently, we’d love to see them.  Please post below or tweet us!

– Team Anchor

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