VidCon was such an amazing experience! As I stated in my previous blog post, my favorite part about VidCon is being able to see and connect to my online community of friends. This year, not only was I able to do that, but I was able to notice why I love my online friends so much and what can be the key to making stronger relationships.

To borrow a phrase from John Green, we are able to “Imagine others complexly.”

What this means is that we don’t just see each other as video makers, or as fans of shows, but we see each other as ourselves; as people with wishes, hopes, and dreams. When you are imagining others complexly, you’re able to have conversations you would never have had otherwise because you are no longer only seeing others as one dimensional. I had some of the best conversations I’ve had all year at VidCon because the people I was surrounded by imagined others complexly.

Look at your relationships both personal and professional. Do you see these people as a means to an end? Do you see these people as their current circumstances? You may surprise yourself as how often you do this, but if you challenge yourself to imagine others complexly, you will open yourself up to knowing and being around some of the best of people.

-Ricky Anderson II



“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome.”
The Vlog Brothers

June 26th, 2014 marks the 5th annual event know as VidCon. VidCon is one of my favorite places to be on earth, because it takes so many of the wonderful things about online video and puts it right in front of you!

I will be there to A) Meet up and hang out with my friends B) Learn from other amazing online video creators. And C) Meet up and hang out with my online friends.

My biggest take away from VidCon every year is how powerful personal interactions are. Keeping in touch with people online is great, but nothing beats being able to hang out with people in person. It’s an amazing experience unlike any other and is one of the many reasons I buy my tickets the DAY they go on sale every year.

If you’d like to follow along on my VidCon adventure you can follow me on twitter and instagram, where I’ll be tweeting about geeking out and taking pictures of myself geeking out.

In addition to geeking out I will be on the < famous panel on Saturday and I am beyond excited!

-Ricky Anderson II

Maya Angelou Quote

Father’s Day was just this past Sunday.  It’s a great time to celebrate Dads and give them props for teaching us so much, from riding a bike to changing the oil and general life skills that stay with us for a lifetime.  It’s also a great reminder for us all to strive to be teachers and mentors to others.  Be it family, friends, acquaintances, or co-workers, helping to guide others through obstacles that you’ve once encountered is truly valuable.  You have a lot to give, so share your knowledge with someone!  What can you add to someone’s life today?

-Team Anchor
Google Analytics Site Overview



Google Analytics Traffic Overview



Google Analytics Visitor Flow

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” – Winston Churchill

If you run or own a business, chances are that you have a website.  You probably have a website that you are proud of and you feel represents your business very well.  But how do you know your customers feel the same way?  You’ve probably been told by polite customers that your website is great, but there is a better way to find out if your website is actually working.

Programs like Google Analytics provide unbiased and in depth insight into the workings of our websites.  Information such as the number of visitors, number of unique visitors, how visitors arrived at your website (i.e. Organic Google Search, Facebook Referral, Twitter Referral, etc.), percentage of new visitors versus returning, the number of pages per visit, the overall visitor flow, and much, much more.  It’s a tool that, when analyzed correctly, can help you optimize your website in many ways.

So what do you do with all of this information?  Use it!  If you aren’t receiving the organic search you originally thought you were, talk to someone who can help with your search engine optimization.  If you thought you were getting a lot of traffic from your Facebook posts, but you’re not, maybe you need to talk to your social media department and encourage them to evolve the game plan.  If you’re receiving a lot of traffic but you see people are leaving your site quickly, they probably don’t think your site is relevant to their search needs.  Speak with a web design agency or user experience (UX) designer to help with the flow of your site.  Not sure how you should interpret all of this information?  Get in touch with a marketing consultant who can help explain the information and make informed decisions for moving forward.

If you don’t have tracking software installed on your website, you’re missing a major opportunity to view the hard facts and have the chance to optimize the success of your site.  Need some help?  Contact our web department and let us know that you want to have analytics installed on your site.  The process is simple, so don’t hesitate to integrate!

-BJ Caldwell

“Before we learn to create, we must learn to learn.”
Stephen McCranie

When I graduated college, I remember thinking I had “arrived” at knowledge. I felt like my diploma represented me having acquired all the knowledge I would ever need to know and all I need was a little more experience and I would be unstoppable.

Over the years I’ve learned that continual learning is actually what makes you unstoppable.

When you are fixed on the idea that you know all there is to know about your area of work you get stuck. I consider myself to be a really good editor, but I also know there is more that I can learn. The more I learn, the more I practice, the more I practice the stronger my skills get. Learning is useful even outside of your particular field of work as well.

A while ago I studied ASL sign language because I really wanted to study a second language that made sense to me. The interesting thing about sign language is that each sign has an origin story to the action that represents words. This amazed me and because of me studying sign language, I’ve been able to broaden my scope of thinking. If I run into an obstacle, instead of getting frustrated with it, I often find myself looking back at how and why the problem I’m facing functions.

Educational institutions set up a structure for you to learn new subjects and competencies, but just because those structures are no longer in place doesn’t mean that you have to stop learning. Learning allows you explore new ideas, see new points of view, but more importantly it allows you to diversify your way of thinking.

-Ricky Anderson II

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